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1)      Leadership and the Code: leaders set the example, being in every respect a role model.  They must help to create an environment within Kasr Al-Aini that promotes the highest standards of ethics and compliance.

2)      Staff & Employee Responsibilities and Commitments:

·     Individual Responsibility: Ethics and integrity are the responsibility of every employee, faculty or staff member. 

·     Conflicts of Interest: No conflict between the private interests of a person and the official responsibilities of that person should exist.

·     Confidential Information: Total confidentiality is required either during or after employment.

·     Gratuities and Kickbacks: No employee, faculty or staff should ask or accept anything of value from any party with special interests.

·     To our patients:  We are committed to:

o          Provide a quality care

o          Respect of  patient autonomy

o          Avoid discrimination

o          Treat  respectfully, all patients

o          Ensure confidentiality of patient records.

·     To our colleagues & students:  We are committed to maintain the highest standards of academic conduct by:

o          Respecting our peers, subordinates & students

o          Implementing fairness in all endeavors

o          Communicating truthfully

o          Encouraging language, appearance, and demeanor appropriate to the professional healthcare setting.

o          Respect the intellectual property of others

o          Demonstrate honesty and integrity in all academic endeavors, Strive to create a culture of safety.

a.   Responsibility & commitment to the outside community

o          Honor commitments to any organization involved in the financing of personal health services and our business counterparts

o          To the communities we serve:  We are committed to understand the particular needs of the communities we serve and provide these communities quality, cost-effective healthcare. 

3)      Student Commitments and Responsibilities

b.      Respect  other students, patients and teachers 

c.       Strive for excellence 

d.      Attend all learning sessions as required.

e.       Abide by the designated dress code for Kasr Al-Aini Medical School

f.        Work effectively in teams.

g.       Respect the intellectual property of others

h.       Demonstrate honesty and integrity in all academic endeavors,

4)      Laboratory Personnel Commitments and Responsibilities

·        All lab personnel should be acquainted with the legal aspects and principles of ethics governing laboratory services conforming to cultural and religious observances in Egypt.

·        The personnel should be taught ethics of sample taking and treatment of patients as individuals with dignity and  should understand the codes of conduct between the laboratory physician and the patient’s treating doctor

5)      Research  Commitments and Responsibilities

·        All accounts for research projects should properly reflect the expenditures for the particular grant or contract. 

·        Maintenance of the highest ethical standards in any written or oral communications regarding their research projects

·        All research should be conducted in an ethical manner & regard the confidentiality & the privacy of patients and research participants.

6)      Copyrights & Plagiarism

·        Obtaining the author’s permission for copyrighted material prior to publication

·        Kasr Al-Aini material should be copyrighted

·        Plagiarism is unacceptable at all levels

7)      Kasr Al-Ainy dress code should be adhered to at all times


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Prerormance Report(Arabic) 2009-2010

Buliton 1 June 2010 (Arabic)






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