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Action Plan

Action Plan

Roadmap for Accreditation

Steps for establishment of quality system

  • The Faculty conducted a self study in 2003.
  • One year later (2004) the faculty received a site visit by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME). The report of the WFME summarized the five critical areas of strategic importance needed for improvement of undergraduate program of the Faculty of Medicine Cairo University. These are: a major reform of the curriculum, staff development, resource allocation, and Quality Assurance and admission policy. The Faculty started to establish its Quality Assurance System by the help of Quality Assurance Project offered by the Higher Education Enhancement Projects. The Faculty completed the first Faculty Annual Self Evaluation Report for the academic year 2004–2005, and received the Developmental Engagement (DE) visit in October 2005. An action plan had been planned to correct the points of weakness and enhance the points of strengths .The duration of implementing action plan is 3 years (2009-2011)

The purpose of this action plan is to improve the quality of our education, preparing our graduates to be outstanding in medicine and related fields. This action plan is designed to help the Faculty to set up its first phase for preparation for Accreditation by the Egyptian National Quality Assurance Agency and Accreditation in Education.

The activities included in the action plan are:

·         Revision of the mission and the strategic plan

·         Curriculum revision

·         Teaching and learning

·         Implementation of course specifications

·         Development of educational resources specially laboratories and library

·         Staff development

·         Decreasing private tutoring

·         Improvement of assessment methods

·         Program evaluation & Faculty evaluation.      

·         Development of student support system.

·         Establishment of alumni office

·         Establishment of an internal auditing system

·         Involvement of external evaluators in program and institution evaluation

·         Creation of a faculty database for educational resources including human resources and other facilities

·         Development of post graduate programs and research plan

·         Enhancement of Community Service

            We will count on our strengths in implementing the action plan. Besides, the enthusiasm of the top management and governance in improving the educational process, the strong background and history of the institution and the availability of reliable Faculty staff members will help in achieving the action plan towards Accreditation.   



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Prerormance Report(Arabic) 2009-2010

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